How To Buy

Go to order accounts > Select the Rank > Click checkout > Fill up the Details > Pay (account details will be sent to your email address)

Is it safe ?

Yes, while we boosted the account we did not use any cheats, hacks etc.

The Rank I want is not on the list

It can happen that we have run out of stock for that particular rank. You can contact us in order to know when it will be available again.

Do we use third party scripts/hacks?

No the accounts are boosted by legit skilled players.

How much time will it take for the account to get delivered?

Instant Delivery on all our products. So even if we are offline you will get the steam account details in your email instantly after you pay and it has been processed.

How do i get the account ?

Account details are sent to your email address you give us in the checkout page.

How to Pay

Select G2A payment gateway. It consists of many payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoins, Skrill, Credit Cards, PaySafeCard etc.

Unable to add Friends ?

Fresh Steam Accounts are created and then CSGO is added as a gift. Due to steam limitation an account will be limited until a purchase worth 5$ or more is done in the steam store.
We do not add the required $5.00 to the Steam wallet to unlock all the features of the steam account.
You will have to add $5.00 steam wallet to remove the limitation.