Enhance your CS GO Ranks at Get a Smurf

Released in the year 2001, Counter Strike game is still popular among people as it offers the thrilling experience to the game lovers. To reach on the high ranking, you would need to cross a plenty of hurdles and challenges that can take a lot of time. But the game is all about getting the high CSGO Rank in order to play this game in a good manner. Therefore, it is said CSGO Ranks is a brooch of honor.

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How CS GO Ranks work exactly?

  1. Once you start with your matchmaking journey, you will first be able to win ten placement matches, maximum 2 per day. During this time, the ranking system of game evaluates your ability. The player who is unranked will not be able to line up with any of the rank master guardian 2or higher until and unless the player could queue with a team of five.
  2. After the completion of ten matches and depending on your performance, you will be consigned into any of 18 skill groups. After this, you are allowed to play as many matches as you want but you can only line up with the players who have +/- 5 rank of your own rank.
  3. On the basis of your failure and success, your CS GO rank is adjusted at the end of every match. The way to enhance CSGO ranking is by winning a team.
  4. If you leave playing matches for a month or so, your skill group can get disappeared from the game and you will have to start with the lowest rank.

Boost up your CS Go Rank

Boosting up the ranking in games is really very difficult and specially, when you are not aware how to boost up the rank. Boosting is really hard in a game like Counter Strike. Therefore, people keep looking for the different ways to boost up the CSGO ranking. There are different types of ranking associated with this game and some of them are described as follows:

  • Profile Ranking System:

This is the most important ranking in the Counter Strike game and this CS go ranking is achieved by winning different rounds of matches. In this type of ranking, you get more XPs if you win the game in the competitive mode. The point to be noted is that a profile rank of 2 needs to play the game in competitive mode, whereas you can play with a profile rank of 21 if you are playing in the Prime account matchmaking. This is the difference between playing the game without a prime account and playing with a prime account. You can play the game efficiently with low CSGo rank if you buy CS go prime account at Get a Smurf.

  • Competitive Ranking System:

It is more complex to achieve the competitive ranking in Counter Strike as compared to the profile ranking. There are around 18 ranks in the competitive mode for CS GO. On the basis of two factors such as MVP and Round Win/Loss, you are expected to win ELO rating that is going to help you in enhancing competitive ranking in the game. The points that you lose in the round is dependent on the points you had with you previously and a player who has more points would lose more points. The same happens in the case of winning points. The player who is MVP receives more ELO points as compared to the other players. This is how, Competitive ranking works.

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