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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also know as CS: GO is a multiplayer game having different game modes and levels to play. CS:GO offers various private ranks stages, a variety of CSGO prime ranked accounts where either pay or reach the rank passing level 21 of the game. Every CS:GO player has the option to upgrade the account to prime account. There are many benefits attached while buying CSGO prime account. Also, the prime player is matched with the other prime player reaching the prime stage in the game. The CSGO prime accounts are also of different types as per the demand of the players. The fresh prime account is for those who are willing to grind their way to different stages on the other hand random prime ranked accounts are for those who want to perform best and wants to take the game into the fun mode. The CSGO players keep the skills in mind and try to improve the game.

How to buy a CSGO prime account?

Here are the steps that need to follow to get a prime account

    1. The player needs to validate the phone number in the steam, after level up to rank 21 or above. The experience can be gained by completing any matchmade game.
    1. There is another way to get a prime account if the player has a service medal. The service medal gained by playing the CSGO game from long to earn “X years of service” medal, or one that commends you for participating in-game events and prove to be a legitimate gamer, playing CS: GO as intended.
    1. Eligible players can click on the “Details” tab at the top of the CS: GO profile screen. Go with “Upgrade” at the bottom of the pop-up. After link the phone number with the stream account.

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Some of the common questions buying CSGO prime account.

What is Prime Status in CS:GO?

The CS:GO players who meet the prime status requirement get this feature of the game. The players of prime status are only matched with other players holding the prime status.

If I already have the prime level 21 in CS:GO, how to get prime status?

You will have prime status at level 21. To check the prime status click “Play” in the upper left corner. There is a green coin on the screen which opens and the inscription read: “Prime Status is on”. You need not to do anything, prime status is automatic.

It is possible to upgrade more than one account using the same phone number?

No, there is the only option of upgrade one CSGO account to prime status using the qualify phone number.

Can I turn off the CSGO prime status?

Currently, there is no option for this.

How to find CSGO prime account details?

Players can find the credentials in email ID after purchasing of Prime CSGO account

Can Prime and non-prime players can play together?

Yes, it is possible but the users required matchmaking from the lobby that is pre-made in CS:GO. When both prime and nonprime players matchmake they lobby is considered to be a non-prime one. But it is also good to buy CSGO prime account.