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Reasons Why More CSGO Players Opt For the Prime Accounts

CSGO Prime Account

Almost every CSGO player is interested in matchmaking Prime CSGO Accounts. It is played as per the rankings. Some players play with their friends while some play with strangers. You can play Prime matchmaking only with the Prime CSGO Accounts linked with your mobile numbers. Here are 6 reasons why more and more CSGO players […]

Benefits of purchasing a CSGO SMURF Account

Csgo Account

In CSGO when an initially higher ranked player plays on a lower rated profile, the transition is called smurfing.  The smurfing is done by purchasing a new account when the player gets to play against noobs. Gold Nova and Silver are two common lower ranked profiles in CSGO.  It is same as an international athlete […]

Choose the Best CSGO Boosting Service for your Main CS GO Ranked Accounts

CSGO Boosting Services

Ranks in CSGO are the pinnacle of what makes the game so interesting and competitive. Millions of players across the world still play for better ranks, as winning or losing ranked matches is all it takes to either move up or move down the rank ladder. This means, that if you lose in a ranked […]

Why Should Gamers opt to Buy CSGO Ranked Accounts?

Buy CSGO Ranked ccounts

The way CSGO has become a staple for FPS gamers, there is absolutely no denying how important it is to be good at it, to have a good rank and position in the community. One can say that people assign too much importance to rank these days, and to some extent, that is true. However, […]

Get Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts for Better Ranked Matches

csgo prime accounts

When prime matchmaking was first introduced, many had thought that it will not be quite as effective as they would have preferred. CSGO, as a ranked competitive game, had had its fair share of hackers and cheaters over the years, and despite multiple patches and updates to the VAC anti – cheat system, there had […]