Benefits of purchasing a CSGO SMURF Account

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In CSGO when an initially higher ranked player plays on a lower rated profile, the transition is called smurfing.  The smurfing is done by purchasing a new account when the player gets to play against noobs.

Gold Nova and Silver are two common lower ranked profiles in CSGO.  It is same as an international athlete is pitted against a high school player.  So smurfing is regarded as a massive transition in the career of CSGO player.  The smurfing has its own advantages.  In this blog post, we will tell you the benefits of purchasing a lower rank CSGO account like Silver or Buy Gold Nova Accounts.

CSGO players usually smurf for destroying new players and humiliating them before they could gain confidence. The smurfing is traditionally played with unconventional weaponry like dualies, Negev, and SMG etc.  The player who smurf still manage to dominate every round.

They take it as a fun and use it to humiliate their opponents who are usually newcomers. Smurfing is not illegal, and if you want to do it, you won’t be penalized or face a ban for it, but a general opinion about it is that it is unfair to destroy the experience of nine other players.

Global Offensive player, Hiko who is currently playing for Rogue is favorite for smurfing to destroy the experience of newcomers.   Not just Hiko, a great deal of internationally favorite players does smurf. Most of them have already indulged into the newest edition of the counter strike franchise.

Benefits of Smurfing

 Following Are Some of the Benefits of Smurfing:

  1. Smurfing is not just in CSGO, it is almost in every game. In Warcraft, top players use it to play with their friends. Some high-rank CSGO Players purchase Cheapest CSGO Prime Accounts to avoid the queue times which are involved in the high percentage of the ladder.

  2. CSGO is no different from Warcraft when it comes to smurfing. Most of our favourite steamers and established professionals across the globe use smurfs all the time.

  3. Purchasing a cheap smurfing CSGO account and playing with friends relieves the stress from the mind of the athlete as he/she don’t escapes from the worry of ruining their matchmaking or win rate. And they don’t choose between friends and rating. This is one of the most apparent reasons why people choose smurfing.

  4. At the same time, avoiding queue times saves the precious time of the CSGO players. For instance, you are looking to play a quick game before school. The 15-20 minutes queue time can force you to abandon your idea.

The fresh start with a cheap smurf CSGO Accounts often helps player to rank higher much at a much faster rate than having to climb step by step.