Get Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts for Better Ranked Matches

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When prime matchmaking was first introduced, many had thought that it will not be quite as effective as they would have preferred. CSGO, as a ranked competitive game, had had its fair share of hackers and cheaters over the years, and despite multiple patches and updates to the VAC anti – cheat system, there had been no concrete solution for hackers. As such, no one had high expectations from prime matchmaking, and for a few months, it had seemed that they were right. But as soon as hackers started getting caught and banned from prime matchmaking, did people see the real potential behind prime ranked matchmaking. Pretty soon, people had started upgrading their own accounts into Cheapest CSGO Prime Accounts, in an attempt to be able to play in the prime matchmaking pool, instead of normal ranked matchmaking.

The switch over from normal ranked matchmaking to prime is something that many players were successful at, but that wasn’t the case for everyone. Many players were not able to upgrade to a prime ranked account, maybe because they didn’t have a 21 level account, or because they didn’t have a private number to link their account with. These players instead, were able to Shop Prime Ranked Accounts online from gaming websites, and pick a prime account of a rank that they preferred. Then, using these prime CSGO accounts, they were able to engage in prime ranked matches, just like anybody else.

Why has Prime Ranked Matchmaking been successful at curbing hackers to an extent?

  • One of the main reasons why the concept of prime ranked matchmaking has been fairly successful in CSGO competitive games, is because of the tedious and long procedure behind getting one. The process involves over 3 to 4 months of one having to play the game thoroughly, so that they gain enough experience and crossover into level 21.

  • Only after that, they are allowed to link that account with their personal contact number, the one they have their steam authentication linked with and form CSGO prime accounts.

  • In case of a hacker getting banned, the alternative is to again spend months and months in leveling up and then having to find a different contact number to link with. Instead, they find it much easier to just not hack blatantly in prime matchmaking.

This is what’s contributed to the whole scenario of where hackers are now either quite conservative or alert about hacking in prime matches, because they don’t want to be put through the same procedure once again.